Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Hey ho, it's January. Now the snow's gone, it looks really grim and miserable. The worst thing is the litter that's been lurking under the crisp, white, pretty snow. Litter is such an unnecessary evil it makes me bloomin' hopping mad.

So it's a year on since Obama took the reins. That's a bit scary. Where did those 12 months go? Has he achieved what we hoped for? I've been reading about this musical called Hope that's on in Germany about his rise to fame. I hope it doesn't turn into a dark thriller!

I inspected my veg patch with shame yesterday. I still haven't got round to picking the leeks and the curly kale looks very sad but I'll try the leeks tonight and let you know what they're like. I'm not really sure what I'm doing with this 'ere veg patch. How long can you leave leeks? And can you keep picking kale?

Any advice gratefully received.

Maxim for the day:Don't take life so seriously. It's not permanent.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Still snowing here in the glorious hills of Derbyshire. Can't get to meeting in Shropshire so will have to join colleagues in local cafe for hot soup instead.

I really think I should hate this snow but I don't.

It's made everyone slow down, talk to each other and take time to appreciate what we have around us. Our local shops are saying it's like Christmas Eve every day as people shop there instead of struggling to supermarkets, the streets are less litter-strewn because a can of fizzy drink shows up like a belisha beacon in the whiteness of the snow, people look less stressed because they can't go anywhere. As my husband and daughter struggled off to work down our skating rink drive this morning, I know there are downsides, but overall, it's been fun!

I have, however, had the heating on more but I'm driving less so does that let me off?

It has made me smile though, when the first snows came, everyone panicked but now, as we've had almost constant snow since before Christmas, we've adapted to it and just get on with life.

Meanwhile, in the environmental world, we now have our first marine conservation area http://http://www.edie.net/news/news_story.asp?src=nl&id=17514 which I think is a great idea. Can't wait for the guided tours!

Take time to make a snowman and wear studded boots.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

HELP! Turn the heating off, put another jumper on, make a flask of hot drinks..we're running out of gas! See the Guardian front page story. ( It must be the cold, it won't let me copy the links this morning)

I've discovered that living in the glorious Derbyshire hills has its interesting moments..the small garden wall disappeared this morning as the 8 inches of snow on the path reached it--very confusing for the dog who walked into it.

Anyway, I'm OK, cos Jonathan Cainer, http://www.jonathancainer.com/---

my mentor in these matters says I can choose to be optimistic today. So that's it then. I'll look out of the office window and see the beautiful blue sky, the pure white, snow encrusted hills and take a moment to stop and stare. It's just fab! This is the view from my office window this morning.

Monday, 4 January 2010

I watched part of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee the other night ( rest to be watched tonight) and it was horrific how we just walked over the Native Americans to get our own way and then I got a campaign leaflet from the Co-op urging us to stop the expansion of Toxic Fuels....it's being fought by the Cree Indians at Beaver Lake and I couldn't believe it....here we go again!

It's a campaign with WWF-UK and it aims to combat the global trend of extracting oil from unconventional sources, such as tar sands and shale oil.

The tar sands development in Beaver Creek in Canada have already destroyed the Cree Nation's traditional lands by deforestation and pollution and the Beaver Lake Cree Nation have launched a legal challenge against the Canadian and Albertan governments to enforce recognition of their treaty rights and to protect their environment and traditional way of life.

I cried when I read the book about what we did to the Indians in America. I thought the least I could do was have a look at goodwithmoney.co.uk/beaverlakecree and see whether I can add my voice. Do join me!

That's a very positive start to 2010, Shirley! Hope I can keep it up.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Hi did you miss me? Happy New Year to all. Sorry I've been so rubbish but there have been reasons:
-I was sulking about the muddle at Copenhagen and couldn't find anything positive to say
-I've been poorly. A bronchial infection, yes thanks, a lot better.
-I was unbelievably behind with Christmas
-it's been freezing cold.

well, I know that isn't an excuse but I live in the Derbyshire hills for heaven's sake, and when it does "cold" it really does "cold".

We've been sledging today in glorious sunshine on the hill behind. We met a couple on the path as we went with our sledge and the dog and they looked at us to see where the children were..they probably thought we were crackpots..two 50 somethings plus dog and sledge. Ah well, ne'er mind. I've never had a very sophisticated image.

So, my new year thoughts on being an optimistic environmentalist?

It's hard. It's like being on a diet. You start off with great intentions but at the first hurdle, you fall. My presents were wrapped in paper that was thrown away, I bought too much food that was thrown away, I keep driving up to the shops instead of walking because it's freezing. So, I hereby promise to try to do better!

Have a wonderful 2010 and stay with me, please. It's nice to know people are reading this.