Monday, 20 June 2011

Anyone know of any rickshaw operators?

We are trying to extend our wonderful Wirksworth Farmers' Market to the top end of town so that the traders up there are more involved. The market is going fantastically well..everyone loves it! We always have music and events and of course, it is known as the friendliest market in the Midlands. On 2nd July, we have

11.00-11.45 Chevrette ‘Early music from medieval to baroque’ (Lesley Clarke 01522-750596 and 07775-685100

11.45-1.15 John OTranquil Autoharp music for pleasant listening”

as well as a fantastic array of local produce and crafts. There's also a cafe being run by the Stoneywood Group.

But we want to open up parking at the top end of town and as we all know, people are lazy, so I was wondering whether anyone knew of anyone who would like to offer a rickshaw service from the car park down to the market and ( concentrate on this word...) UP back to the car park-yes we live in the hills of Derbyshire! It's not a big hill, honestly, but it could be excellent training for someone!

Do let me know

Monday, 6 June 2011

Monty Don-eat your heart out

There is a very vague possibility that I shouldn't be allowed out into the garden. I am an undoubted disaster. So much for my green credentials.

Not only have my cabbages been stripped of any leaves whatsoever overnight but the "peas" I carefully staked have started sprouting lovely coloured flowers! They'll be sweet peas then.

You have to remember that this time last year, I carefully staked out emerging bindweed thinking it was beans.

Maybe I could write a book on gardening disasters. I may get drummed out of the Transition Town Growers' Group.

Talking of the Transition Town Movement, we went to the Green Fair at Regents Park on Saturday and the London branch was there. It's brilliant to see the TT net growing, we will report back to our core group here in Derbyshire tonight, but it was also great to see so many people there. The other thing I noticed was that there wasn't that much litter. That contrasted very sadly with Finsbury Park where we went for a picnic ( I know, blame elder daughter, it was her choice) on Friday night. It was absolutely foul, full of litter and rubbish. What is it about our nation? Why do we have to drop litter. People go to a green space and then completely ruin it.

What do you think? Any gardening disasters you want to share? What do you think about our rubbish problem? Have you seen CPRE's campaign to try to stop people throwing litter out of cars..that would be a start, don't you think?

End of rant, back to sorting out this quasi veg patch.