Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tent in Wales or last minute trip to Greece?

OK, now listen to me, God of the weather, I am very happy to be an eco champion and eschew a flight, taking my tent to the Welsh coast but I want some cast iron guarantees here.

1. I want sunshine..especially at breakfast time and glass of white wine time outside tent.
2. I do not want a flood running through my tent.
3. I want beautiful sunsets so I can sit on the harbour wall and breathe deeply
4. I do not want a frozen nose at 3am

Got that?

Then we have a deal.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Showing off our air source heat pump

We showed a young couple round the other day because they were thinking of putting in an air source heat pump. I think we rather overdid the enthusiasm!
How can you not be enthusiastic when you have 12 friends and family who live in big, but drafty houses threatening to move in with you over the winter! We can't help but feel smug when we read about gas prices going up.

I know, it's awful to be this superior but yer know what....

Ya boo sucks!