Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Crisp packets out of potato peelings? Bring it on!

Have a look at this.....http:// it's about how Walkers are looking at using potato peelings for crisp packets. YESSSSS! As one of thousands of us who wander round picking up crisp packets on our streets, all I can say is- about bloomin time! Do pass the word and let's put pressure on Walkers to put their money where our mouths are!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Proper house innit?

Oh we are getting so posh! It's beginnning to look like a proper house with plaster board, insulation on the floors and the first fix lighting. As you may know, I have had a real problem with this build in that when it was a naff bungalow with swirly carpets, it was, at least, a home, with our things in it. Once they took all that away, all we were left with were the bare bones of the ugliest, most charmless, small building you can imagine. I hated it.
Well, I went down this week and now there is some plaster board and you can begin to see the spaces, I had a little moment of vision when I saw, for the first time, what this little house might look like. We went to see some friends' house and they are at the skeletal stage so I felt fo them and came back to find our floors insulated with gloriously thick padding. It felt warmer already. Also, we went to Grand Designs at the NEC on Friday and I did feel a smug little glow when I realised we were putting our money where our mouth was and were doing a really eco project that will be warm, cosy and best of all, cheap to run. It made me feel really good.