Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Can I give up my bacon buttie so my dog can eat meat?

I listened to Costing The Earth on Radio 4 last night and apparently my dog has a bigger carbon footprint..sorry, pawprint..than the average person in Vietnam.

Hmm. Well, she's on a low fat diet so there's lots of rice but it does say it's got chicken in there as well.

I love my dog. Seriously love my dog. Therefore, we ate a mushroom omelette last night and watched her tuck into her meal with noble martyrdom. Perhaps we should have just fed her two tennis balls instead as she looks as if she prefers those!

Are you impressed and does that help you to have an occasional piece of meat, Mr Vietnamese?

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Hotel waste

Well, it's been a while, but put it down to poorly mums and work. All improving now though, thanks for asking.

I found myself having a little tut recently. I've been staying in hotels and bed and breakfasts for work and sitting there on my own trying to look occupied, a few thoughts occurred that I thought I'd share with you and see what you thought.

Why don't British B and Bs and hotels have a "company table" where people who are on their own can choose to join other people. They do it in France and it's lovely. It's even nice when you're with your husband of 35 years and you are on hols for a week and run out of conversation about offspring/news items/house projects. Sitting fiddling with a mobile phone while you eat your breakfast is boring.

Why do they have to have those little plastic milk/marmalade/butter containers. What's wrong with a little ramekin with them in? Much less waste. I ate half a carton of yogurt one morning with my fruit and asked them to keep the other half for the following morning. I got that "Oh dear, we've got a right nutter here" look.

Why do they have to have individual small containers of soap and shampoo..a dispenser would make so much more sense?

Apart from that, it was a nice change and I did try to use as few towels and pillows as possible, but I suspect they just bung the lot in the wash..oh, one more thing..how do they get their towels and sheets so white? My towels go creamy coloured within three washes or maybe it's because I do them on a low energy wash. Ah me, you can't win!