Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Transition Townies-- don't you just lov 'em?

Just been to Transition Town movement and we are having a party in February. In between organising the local sausages, it was mentioned that we should have a Tranquillity Team.

Now this is a term that one of our members heard at the Climate Camp and to begin with, I didn't understand what it was. Then I realised it was bouncers!

Firstly, I can't see that a Wirksworth party of families and transition town types would need bouncers but secondly, the term Tranquillity Team just made me giggle. That just sums it up really....why I love this movement, why I love this team and why I love this upbeat, fun town.

It really cheered me to know that instead of conflict, agression and confrontation, we only deal in calmness, co-operation and negotiation. Shame the rest of the planet doesn't practice that too.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

progress and ordered new kitchen

OK, close your eyes and imagine! This space will be filled one day in hopefully, the not too distant future, with a posh new kitchen. I know, I find it hard too but I'm assured twill be lovely. I'm not a designery person so I can only visualise what I can see, and yes, I see bare concrete, mud and muckyness when I am there but when I flick through magazines, I can see a beautiful house that's warm, eco and cosy.

We're having a warm roof put on so that it will be all toasty. Now we're looking at LED lights to see how they would work. I want some of Esther's ( Curiousa and Curiousa, downstairs in our office) lovely hanging pendant lights and she and KP have been pouring over a websites that has more attractive energy efficient lightbulbs than the orrible ones you buy in the shops, but I'm not sure nice, individually designed hanging lights are in the budget. Hmmm, shame. I may have to get more work so I can justify the expenditure. Haven't got time, too busy choosing bathrooms now!