Wednesday, 1 August 2012

How many plastic bags a second?????

Oh bloomin' 'eck, have a look at this:
I can't believe we give out 254 plastic bags a SECOND! That's ridiculous people. JUST SAY NO!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Plastic bottles x 2 of us x 4 bottles a day. Multiply that round the world.

I know, I've been absolute rubbish at blogging recently but I've had problems with my mum who is very elderly, frail and has an iron will that means she doesn't accept that she's 89 and thinks she can go on a cruise! It's been difficult to say the least so my environmental concerns have had to go on hold for a bit.

But, we finally got away last week to a boat in Turkey ( yes, I did pay the extra to offset the flight..paltry I know, but some salve to my conscience) and to survive in 43 degrees we had to keep buying bottles of water. I was glad to see their plastic was thinner than ours but even so, how many of these bloomin things are being sold all over the world every day?

Is it so hard for us to each have a bottle that we have to carry round and fill up at water fountains?

Or am I being sceptical in thinking that there is a huge industry there that is being protected?

And, yes, thanks, I did have a lovely time.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Won the bottle of wine!

Just been to the Transition Town quiz night and our team won! I suspect because our powers of deduction -and luck-of picking the right a, b or c answer rather than our in depth knowledge of the environment, but hey, what the hell!

I have to share a couple of stunning facts with you though. The first is that bloomin' Wirksworth uses 10,000 plastic bags a week. I'm ashamed. And when each plastic bag takes at least 100 years to biodegrade that's 1 million years a week that will be needed for all our bags alone. That's just terrifying.

The other is that 50 hectares of rainfores is destroyed every single minute.

Oh dear, we're not getting very far are we?

Under floor heating

How do you find someone who knows about under floor heating? It's such a new technology...we've got a pressure valve that keeps dropping to nought and we have to release it so it goes back up but every time it does, the heating doesn't work as efficiently. Nobody seems to know what to do about it. The people who provided it send us back to the plumber who sends us back to the people who provided it. Come on guys, get your act sorted!

PS. It's still warmer than my sister's Victorian house though!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Never too old to reinvent yourself

Oh help, you'll think I've fled the country! I'm really sorry, I haven't blogged for a while but I've been starting up a new business that I'm so excited about. It's and it's a short break holiday company for women of a "certain age" who want to nudge themselves out of their comfort zone.

We are taking over lovely 4 star holiday cottages and a b and b up the road in the stunning Monsal Head area of the Peak District and we're offering weekend breaks for women over 45. They will be a mix of workshops in styling, confidence, travel writing, using a digital camera, cycling walking and just good old fashioned fun.

We want women who may be on their own to feel they can relax amongst like minded people and maybe learn a new skill or refresh an old one.

It fits in exactly with my ethos on life which is that you need to face each day with a grin. ( No, I didn't say a grimace, pay attention!) Sometimes my grin is a bit like the Joker's and a bit manic, but it's better than a frowny face!

So, have a look at the website. If I go quiet, it's just while I'm getting Re Boot Your Life up and running...I'm still trying to be Felicity Kendal and live the Good Life and I would just like to mention, my green tomato chutney was a triumph!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Shallow, shallow environmentalist....

So, when the chips are down, I lose all my integrity and head for Morrison's huh?

Oh this is sad. I am "mum sitting" while my sister is away and it is a constant round of cooking things she probably won't eat, preparing drinks she lets go cold and washing bedding and nighties to keep her feeling clean and nice. In between that, I'm trying to do bits of work so when I rush out to buy food in the hour she's asleep, what do I do? --go to the local butchers and greengrocers? Wander round several shops to find the organic or locally produced stuff?


It's straight to the aisles of the supermarkets I eschew at all other times, it's the cheap brands because I suspect she won't eat what I prepare and because I'm in such a rush, I buy packaged varieties.

I did take some plastic bags with me though. Does that count?