Thursday, 8 September 2011

Shallow, shallow environmentalist....

So, when the chips are down, I lose all my integrity and head for Morrison's huh?

Oh this is sad. I am "mum sitting" while my sister is away and it is a constant round of cooking things she probably won't eat, preparing drinks she lets go cold and washing bedding and nighties to keep her feeling clean and nice. In between that, I'm trying to do bits of work so when I rush out to buy food in the hour she's asleep, what do I do? --go to the local butchers and greengrocers? Wander round several shops to find the organic or locally produced stuff?


It's straight to the aisles of the supermarkets I eschew at all other times, it's the cheap brands because I suspect she won't eat what I prepare and because I'm in such a rush, I buy packaged varieties.

I did take some plastic bags with me though. Does that count?

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