Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Plastic bottles x 2 of us x 4 bottles a day. Multiply that round the world.

I know, I've been absolute rubbish at blogging recently but I've had problems with my mum who is very elderly, frail and has an iron will that means she doesn't accept that she's 89 and thinks she can go on a cruise! It's been difficult to say the least so my environmental concerns have had to go on hold for a bit.

But, we finally got away last week to a boat in Turkey ( yes, I did pay the extra to offset the flight..paltry I know, but some salve to my conscience) and to survive in 43 degrees we had to keep buying bottles of water. I was glad to see their plastic was thinner than ours but even so, how many of these bloomin things are being sold all over the world every day?

Is it so hard for us to each have a bottle that we have to carry round and fill up at water fountains?

Or am I being sceptical in thinking that there is a huge industry there that is being protected?

And, yes, thanks, I did have a lovely time.

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